The society fashion week

Luis –

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Other

This company approaches new or young brands persuades them with promises they can not keep to sign up and pay for one of there fashion show packages. This company advertised that they were to have two fashion shows in Europe one in London and one in Paris. Two days before the London show the venue was changed to a small venue 20 minutes outside of London in a rough suburban area of London. they never posted any pictures of the event or gave the designers any photos. This I believe was because they them selves were embarrassed of the the show. A day later they cancelled the Paris show which was said to have been planned to be under the Eiffel Tower, which later on discovered that both venues that were promised from London and Paris were not booked for society fashion week at all. The venue location was used to persuade me to come on board. There website has no contact info except for an email option, why would a company not provide full contact info ? The venue for the London show cost abouts 2000-3000£ pounds to rent, as I asked the venue coordinator. My package I paid for alone covered that cost, there were a hand full other designers there too. It seems like this organization used all our money to found them selfs and not putting it towards putting on a great show.

I wouldn’t show with them again as they have proven to be dishonest and schemey. If your a young designer or new brand save the money and go show at a real fashion show or fashion week.

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