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Kathleen –

I just got scammed by them. I was on and I was messaged for a job I wanted to bid on. They asked for my email so I could go on hangouts and have an interview. A lady named Lisa Rose signed me up for the job and the lady that sent me a copy of the check is [email protected] tried to send me a check through FedEx but it failed two times. Lisa was so desperate for me to get the check that I went ahead and decided to print it and deposit it via mobile bank app. A few hours later I got a call from my bank.
My bank account is now frozen and the check was fraudulent.

Theodore –

Victim Location 27040

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via text message by a Richard Lewis from the Zip-Recruitment team, stating my resume published had been reviewed and approved for a position I never applied for. They then asked if I had skype or google hangouts and that this was needed to continue the interview process which would take roughly 15 min. Once information was given, a David Elbert contacted me via skype to continue with the interview. He stated I was being considered for a position with Glatt Group. David Elbert stated he was the Online Human Resources Manager to (Glatt Group) and he was located in Ariel, PA then proceeded to ask for my full name and location. He then send information via skype message that went hand in hand with wikipedia’s explanation of the company. The he stated they are looking for 16 new hires to work online from home, once the new branches are built I would have the opportunity to work from home or the office once the branches were open. He then stated the pay rate per hour would be $49.87 per hour with a max schedule of 45 hours a week (Full Time) and 20 hours (Part Time), while my training pay would be $15.75 and hour. He stated I would also have the option for weekly or biweekly pay as a full time employee and not an independent contractor. After one month of work I was informed I would be eligible for benefits which included: Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance, Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance, Paid time off, paid holidays, vacation, Tax-Deferred Annuity 403 (b) 401 (k), Tuition Assistance, Comprehensive in house training program, employee assistance program, relocation allowance (for some positions) and a Sign on Bonus.

He asked a series of questions

1. Are you in the military

2. Are you currently employeed

3. Are you willing to work long or flexible hours

4. Do you have a HP laser jet printer, copier and scanner

5. Are you seeking employment in a company of a certain size.

6. How long do you intend to work for the company

7. Tell us why you feel you are the right person for this job

Second Section Included

Payroll & Working Schedule

1. How many hours are you willing to work

2. What time range

3. When would you be available to start if HIRED.

4. payroll interval

5. payroll method

6. What is the name of the bank which you currently operate with so as to see if it tallies financially the the company’s official salary payment account.

The there was a brief waiting period of a few minutes when he then stated, then he stated I was hired and he would be my main point of contact. I would also be undergoing one week of training via the training supervisor. HR would be getting my paperwork together and sending it to me VIA email and that I should fill them out, sign and email back to him. He stated the company would provide a laptop, internet with landline and my w-4 form would be sent in the mail with the laptop.

He then asked if I was familiar with 6 different computer softwares: My Job Business Essentials Software 2015, US Patent Single Users Pack simply Accounting 2015, Apple Final Cut Express 3.5 HD Upgrade, Norton Ghost 9.0, Microsoft Office XP 2012 Standard Upgrade, Peach Tree Premium Accounting 2013.

After this he stated he would be sending me a start up check via email and this would be used to purchase all of my software needed and he would provide me with the vendors. He then asked if I had access to a printed and if I had mobile banking.

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