Terry Smith and Gerry Tucker

Melanie –

Victim Location 78754

Total money lost $150,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

I have been scammed out of more than $150,000.00,by government grant scammers. The scammers stated that it was a NCNW online grant program backed by the federal government’s OMB COFAR. The scam began in September, 2019. I had no idea, as I believe it was a friend and co-worker, with a law degree, and a high profine position at Austin Community College, in Austin, TX., who I believe targeted me.Her name is Geraldine Tucker, who I believe was working with a man who calls himself; Barrister Terry Smith. I worked on a fundraiser with Ms. Tucker. We went through the Leadership Texas Executive Development Program together for one year.

She had always known of my work and philanthropy in the community.

I would be ordered to place cash money in a brown padded envelope and was told who and where to send the money. I sent the money to allegedly the following persons: Zach Potter, 6820 Piccadilly Place, apt. B, Columbus, OH, 43229; Ryan Pace, 225 Honeysuckle Circle, apt 1017, Lawrenceville, GA, 30046, and Noah Trevo,  . I shipped the money several times via FedEx, as instructed by Terry Smith. I asked many questions from Tucker and Smith and I have numerous text messages from both. Each time I asked about the $80,000, I was to have won, I would be given excuses or asked to send more money.

Ms Tucker had helped me get a part time job at Austin Community College, as I wanted to be involved with the college on a small level. It took my therapist to make me understand how Tucker could do this to me, and that anyone is capable of fraud and deceit. I have each withdrawal slip from my bank, and a copy of each shipping receipt from FedEx, and numerous text messages on how the scam was carried out.

The scammers played on the name of Trever Noah, the talk show host and comedian to be Noah Trevo. The scammers played on the name of Zach Potter, former NFL tight-end for the NY Jets. The scammers played on the name of Ryan Pace, NFL to be the name of Ryan Pace, NFL Chicago Bears general manager.

At one point my "won" money went from $80,000, to $300,000.00, then to one million. I could ony receive the one million if I sent in $100,000.00 to pay 10% tax on the money. I never received any of that money. Not one penny! Now that I am reporting this scm, I will probably lose my part time job at Austin Community College, but reporting this scam is much more important to me.

Please be aware of these types of scams!!! I hope and pray that God will help me find a away to get my money back.

There are two (2) people who were involved directly with me as they scammed me: Geraldine Tucker, and allegedly Terry Smith.

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