TECO Impostor

Colleen –

Victim Location 33544

Total money lost $2,400

Type of a scam Utility

They called and said that we had not paid the bill and our electric would be shut off. I looked up TECO’s phone number before calling back and the number matched. I called TECO’s number, got the recording, asked about it being a scam, and they confirmed the info to be correct. They had me go to walmart to buy prepaid cards. I bought a Visa card first and then they said it was the wrong kind and had to buy Mastercard. They emailed me a copy of the cashier’s check showing reimbursement that was being sent out. I then purchased Mastercards. Total loss was 2400.00. They knew that in fact my bill wasn’t paid, the amount due, and that it was scheduled to be shut off. All of which was true so not sure how they got that info. I thought it was real because I called the correct TECO number listed online. They must have somehow intercepted the dozen calls that I made to them over a 2 day period.

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