Tech Alliance

Miranda –

Victim Location 55433

Total money lost $54,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

Tech Alliance Inc in San Diego, CA scammed me out of $54000.

They told me that my computer needed a new IP address (or a virtual one) and then proceeded to coerce me into paying them a total of 54,000 in smaller payments over time.

I wouldn’t have paid them but they promised me repeatedly (verbally and in emails) that I would receive the whole amount of money I gave them back. Their was the promise of a full refund. I haven’t seen any money from them them, and I have been waiting for 4 to 5 months.

Their method was coercion, implied threats of what they’d do to my computer if I didn’t comply. And I need my computer for work and they knew that, so it was even more threatening. And they threatened to destroy me financially, again an implied threat.

I’m a senior citizen and they repeatedly called me dear, and talked to me like I was a confused old lady who had to be told what to do.

They were very intimidating and confusing, and unfortunately I got caught in their web of deceit.

I gave them my credt card numbers and my checking account number, but I have changed all of those.

They are dangerous men. They took

full advantage of me.

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