Taylor County Sheriff Department

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 79602

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Other

There was a message on our answering machine from the Taylor County Sheriffs office about a very important legal matter. The message said to call Detective James Booker at the office ASAP and included my first and last name. I called the number and a recording stating it was the Taylor County Sheriffs office and gave me the options of several departments. I then left a message since I was not offered an extension of 700 which was on the recording. I received a call back from a man stating he was a detective and was not sure who had called me. I then told him I believe this was a fraudulent call and he assured me it was about me not showing up for jury duty on December 10 ,2019. I told this man I had not received a summons for jury duty in December 2019 and I have been out of town. This man then asked me if my full name, address and birthday he reported to me were correct. When I responded yes because it was correct he then asked me if anyone else gets my mail beside myself and I told him my husband sometimes gets the mail or my grown children if we go out of town. The person on the phone hung up and I called the Taylor County Sheriff Office to report this incident and gave them the phone number and they told me it was fraudulent. This happened to us 2 years ago around Christmas when we had the flu and my husband was told there was a warrant for his arrest for not showing up for jury duty and he sent them 500 dollars and then called the Sheriffs office to find it was a scam.

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