Kristy –

Victim Location 72201

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I contracted with this company in December of last year to include an ad for my law practice on tablets they said they were installing at a local bar. The initial communications and contract said the devices would be installed in February of this year. I was made aware that the tablets were not installed by the end of February. I contacted the company and was told the install date was moved to April. In April I personally visited the bar to check if they had been installed, they had not. I then emailed a number of employees from the company and no one ever responded. I called and after repeatedly leaving voicemails, I eventually was able to get them to agree to refund me the money I paid them. To get them to even agree to a refund I had to argue with them at length and was told the refund would not even arrive for several weeks. They breached the contract and if I had not spent hours emailing and calling I am sure they would not have ever refunded me. I have a hard time believing I’ll ever receive the check.

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