Systeye Support

Dana –

Victim Location 54956

Type of a scam Tech Support

You call this 800 number for this company that offers tech support all year round for $99 for 6 months paid in full when you are on the phone. There tech support is in India though the # is out of Maryland. I searched the phone number online and it gave multiple names for the business, they even gave me the wrong business name over the phone when I talked to them. They said they can look up anyone’s account over the phone by just giving them someone else’s phone number. I gave them a wrong number and they still said they had my account in front of them. When I had called the first time I talked to a guy named "Max" the next time I called I talked to a women (didn’t ask for her name) but I had asked if Max still worked there since I had just talked to him and she told me there is no one that works for them in their system named "Max." Very fishy place and is very eager to get your money before they help you with your problem. Everything they said was very contradicting. They even told one of my clients they can go on her computer from theirs (in India) and they even started clicking around on her computer from over the phone! Very scary when someone else has control of your computer in another country.

Colin –

Victim Location 92139

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I sent a report in yesterday evening about a possible scammer. I was going through my pictures on my phone this morning, and found a photo of the business name etc that John Parker had given to me. I thought I had written it down, but better, I had taken a photo of it. Here is the info:

100% transferable to other computers and we are generating a secured billing form here. You are not going to give your detail on phone, We are generating a secured billing for for you. You fill that form.

Company Name: Systeye Support

Name Jhon Parker

Phone #: 1 800 391-9038 (24/7) ext #390

Email: [email protected]


When I had told him to add it to my AT&T internet phone bill. His response: Sorry mam, it won’t be add in your internet phone bill. Because we are independent computer service provider, that is why

Prices he was trying to get out of me:

1 year $151 Free technical support

3 year $221 Free technical support

5 year $369 Free technical support

everything was in caps.

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