Synovus Financial Corporation Company

Walter –

Victim Location 46550

Type of a scam Employment

I am currently looking for a job in the website warns of employment scams. At approximately 2:30pm on 4/9/16 I received a text message initially only asking me to confirm my name. I confirmed my name, then asked who I was texting with. The person identified themselves as Ms. Audrey D. Hollingsworth, the Human Resources and Hiring Manager for Synovus Financial Corporation Company [sic]. They continued on stating that my resume was reviewed by the appropriate department and would like to schedule an interview with me. I told them I don’t remember applying to Synovus, then proceeded to ask what their firm does, in case the person contacting me was from a parent company to a company I actually had applied to. They replied that they deal in "Accounting, Payroll Clerk, Book keeping, Typing Clerk, Management, IT job." [Sic] They then proceeded to ask me which of the above was my field of specialization. That was the first clue that something was off. If they had actually read my resume, they would know what my field of specialization is. I also noticed that they had very poor typing and punctuation skills. To me, a real HR manager would make absolutely sure they had proper English and writing skills, or else risk looking unprofessional. I pointed out that their typing skills were very poor, and that that led me to believe they were attempting to scam me. So I asked how I can be sure they aren’t trying to scam me. Since asking that question, they have not responded. It has been approximately 20 minutes since their last reply. I may also be contacting the Indiana State Police to inform them of the scam. I will be savi g all of the text messages for posterity and future reference.

Shanna –

Victim Location 46975

Type of a scam Employment

I initially got a text about a job offer from Audrey D. Hollingsworth. She had me communicate with her via hangouts on gmal. I was getting very suspicious and was inquiring first about the company which showed legit and it good standing ( ). Long story short i contacted the company and there is a scam going on and has been since 2013. I had ended up talking to Keith Weeks who is in charge of scams. You are sent a check via Fed-Ex and you deposit it via atm. Then mail out checks to the third party to get the equipment you need. The check of course is fake. This is the cell number of the fake person: 706-920-8446. This is the email address: [email protected] I am to email the information to Keith Weeks at [email protected] I have informed my local police and will deliver the check when i receive it tomorrow morning. ** *** *** *** *** ***

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