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Christina –

Victim Location 43236

Type of a scam Employment

An individual by the name of Diana Tate called me as a result of "finding" my resume information on Monster.com. She sent me an email in reference to a "possible" job opportunity for the McDonalds Headquarters in Central Ohio. She proceeded to ask for my DOB, My "legal" name, and my Social Security # (last 4 digits).

I didn’t feel that it was appropriate for a "legitimate" company to ask for that "type" of information via email as well as via telephone. I she called again and requested my social security number again and stated that we couldn’t move forward with her sending my resume over to the "McDonalds Headquarters" 17 miles from me.

I again stated that I DO NOT disclose my social security number over the telephone nor electronically (email or text). I inquired about an "electronic" application or if she could forward a "hardcopy" application, via the mail? She "conveniently" was unable to do so. In addition, the "McDonald’s Headquarters" would be getting in contact with me "directly" when they received my information.

I feel that it is DEFINITELY inappropriate to ask for that type of information via the phone or email- which was the 1st RED FLAG. The 2nd one was that there is "supposedly" a McDonalds Headquarters in Central Ohio, with NO REAL address-in addition to leaving off the zip code. I looked it up and was "unable" to locate one in the area via Mapquest. It just showed me ALL the McDonald’s Restaurants in that area. The 3rd RED FLAG was that she didn’t leave a "business" address in the conclusion of her email.

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