Swag Supplied

Manuel –

Victim Location 89123

Total money lost $10

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The site said they were giving away shoes as a holiday giveaway for $10 & had me choose a size upon order. Once I received payment confirmation I noticed it said that the $10 was only a ticket that was only valid if I purchased a pair of shoes. Anout $100-200 then I would be entered & that I couldn’t receive my $10 back which goes toward nothing at all without a purchase. It says to enter you must purchase your shoe size which on the Dropbox under my $10 purchase had a place to choose your size. I was under the impression I was purchasing my shoe size. If it were clear I would never have just given them my money. It didn’t even buy me an entry ticket to win! It’s a scam. After digging on Instagram and social media I saw numerous complaints of the shoes being fake and non authentic. Yet they charge full price and make claims to be authentic guaranteed. Honestly for me it’s only $10. However it’s the proncipal of the matter to me and I want them to be stopped bc I can’t imagine how many people they are getting away with doing this to. And making money off of innocent people. i did try reaching out to them and it was no help they were very smug and not helpful. It’s a clear scam and they need to be stopped.

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