Supremus Group LLC

Jeremy –

Victim Location 44125

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I believe the person in charge of this "business" is not legit. I’m a medical professional and was looking online for HIPAA certifications and came across this After I went through the shopping cart and took the exam offered for the certificate I realized how fake this seemed. I used PayPal as a means to purchase this exam and opened a ticket for a refund with PayPal. I was successful and got my money back AFTER the "business" owner escalated the refund to a claim. He then sent me an email saying I have 7 days to pay the money again or he is sending it to a debt collection agencies, which is another way people can scam you. I then started digging in to this "business" and noticed several things. The websites owned by this business are all valued 500-1000$ based on the web value search you use. A company associated with so many billion dollar companies and the government would surely be worth more. Then I googled the supposed address and came up with the image I provided. Its just some persons house that’s been blurred out, but claims to be associated with this "business". The social media presence is also practically nonexistent for the company which is a surprise seeing as periodically it will be high up in google SEO. I then called the numbers provided for this company and they are all 1 person named Mehta who’s answering machine will pick up and he’ll go by different names. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has fallen for this garbage and who knows how much he has made off people who pay nearly 200$ to take these certificate exams over and over. I have various conversational proof and PayPals refund claim proof if necessary. He hasn’t contacted me in almost a week but I suspect he will for this "debt collection agency" thing he does.

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