Supreme Pet Voyage

Victoria –

Victim Location 80906

Total money lost $497

Type of a scam Other

Dear Sirs: I would like to tell you about a pet shipping scam. I am so disgusted with people like this. I went on Craigslist to find a pomeranian puppy, was shown pictures, picked out the one I wanted. Was told it cost $250 with crate and all papers. I said I was in Colorado and they said they would ship today, August 8th. This morning I got an urgent email that the crate was not up to standards and they would need a new crate to send puppy. It had to be temperature controlled. Hilarious. I knew then they were scamming me. I stupidly sent the $488. via money gram. I keep getting texts stating they will refund 98% of the money on the crate if I pay for it upfront. The money will be returned when the puppy arrives. I was told they puppy would be brought to my house. I told them I would pick him up at the airport. They said that a James would have him for me at 2:55. What a joke. I have been duped to say the least. I even checked out the shipping company and the guy sounded legit. They keep texting me for money for the air cooled crate ( which is a mesh crate I can buy at walmart for $20. They want $599. These guys are really rip off artists and play on your emotions. My dog died a year ago and I was so excited to get my little pom. I hope they get caught and throw away the key. The shipping company Supreme Pet Voyage is a scam also and say they are rated by the A+. They also state they are members of numerous organizations such as IPATA. They are not. All lies. Please shut these suckers down. Money does not grow on trees, but evidently on scam artists trees. Despicable!!! Enraged duped person.

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