Supreme Maltese Reviews - Supreme Maltese Scam or Legit

Phone: +1 (678) 586-0553
Dane – Oct 08, 2020

The cell number (978-586-0533) for Supreme Maltese is now being used by Shelby Maltese. They demanded $250 deposit on the $500 purchase of Lily, a dog that was used to scam a victim in August, as reported by the Better Business Bureau.

Their web address is now

Trisha – Sep 04, 2020

Victim Location 70003

Total money lost $1,510

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Texted I was interested in purchasing a Maltese Teacup puppy. The person texted back and wanted to know what gender I wanted and I texted back I wanted a girl. She said she had a girl puppy. I asked how much for the puppy including delivery. She texted $660.00 in which I was told to get vanilla cards in that amount/copy front and back with my receipts to pay for this, which I did. She responded she received the information and that she would get the pupply ready to fly out to my destination in Metairie, LA. When I texted asking if the puppy left, she told me that Virgin Pet Movers would not fly out with her unless I paid $850.00 in cash (via vanilla cards) for a specified crate. So, of course, being a naive person, I purchased $850 in vanilla cards and texted her the copies, which she responded that she received and that the puppy would go out the next day and she would send me Virgin Pet Movers website and that I could track it. Well, the next day I went to Virgin Pet Movers and tracked it, with them telling me that the puppy was scheduled to fly out and that they would let me know when puppy left and delivery time. This all started on Monday, August 31st and I was to receive puppy on Wednesday 9-2-20. Also, the $850 I sent to her was refundable of $800 once the puppy was delivered to me. But she enforced that she be paid the $850 as the seller so she could sign the appropriate paperwork. On Wednesday 9-2-20, She texted me saying there was another glitch. I had to send her more vanilla cards for $2500.00 for insurance that would be refunded when the puppy was delivered to me. Now, I feel I was being scammed big time. I told her I did not have anymore money to send. She kept texting me to see how much I could send and she would pay the difference since she would be refunded. #1. Why ask me for the money when she would be refunded the whole amount. #2. I have never heard of an insurance policy requesting money and then refunding it to you. #3. I was originally quoted $660.00 for the puppy and delivery. Why, after being in this business for sometime, would she not know of these expenses. I told her I was so hurt by her scamming me, that I wanted her to cancel the flight, and I would have someone come with me to pick the puppy up in Atlanta, GA and want my $800 refuned to me. I have not heard from her since. My daughter had the vanilla cards checked if they were cashed and they all were with purchases from Best Buy and Kitchen equipment company.

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