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Teresa –

Victim Location 22701

Type of a scam Tech Support

Had trouble with Gmail. Received the phone number above by searching the web. Person (Alex Ramplin) never would tell me his company name. He had to connect to my computer "to see the issue I was having". All he really did was enter a different URL than I was using. He then told me that I owed $50. I told him I was out of work and he said that this was his job. I then wanted to pay him over the phone but he hold me that his company couldn’t do that. He told me he had to bring up a form on my computer. I asked him if I could bring it up if he would just tell me how to do it and I was disappointed to learn that he had to do it. Just when he was going to bring up the form he then told me the charge is $111 because I called during the week (Friday 3/3/2017) and not the weekend. He said he didn’t want to charge me that because he told me $50 and gave me another number (855-559-7512) and said to call him on Saturday. Assuming he had given me the phone number that was his, I called the next day and was surprised that someone had to transfer me to him.

He connected to my computer again and brought up the form. I noticed that this form wasn’t just for payment but it was going to change the home page of my browser and other settings and I tried to control the mouse to enter a different home page for my browser and was fighting him for control of my computer. While filling out the form, somehow it closed. After he brought back up the form I started to fill out the form again and when I selected the drop-down box to select my first name I noticed that it wasn’t only my name but the first name of two other people I know were in the drop down and their last names appeared in the drop down of the last name field. I asked him about this and he first said maybe they were on my computer at one time. But that’s impossible because this was a new computer. I told him they were never on my computer. I asked him how the names of two people I know end up in the form I’m filling out on my computer but he wouldn’t tell me. I then told him I wasn’t going to continue filling out the form until he told me why the names of two other people I know were in the form I was filing out. I also asked to speak to someone else about this issue. He finally just said, what’s the big deal if someone else’s name is displayed? It’s not like their card information is displayed. He also told me two or three times if you think this is fraud, you don’t have to pay.

What legitimate company would tell me that?

Fortunately, i wasn’t able to make the payment and I’m only reporting this because I don’t want anyone else to be defrauded.

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