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Nicole – Apr 24, 2020

Victim Location 68132

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

In the early stages of the pandemic, Supply Solutions Pro called our office to ask questions about our copier and offered to lock our price in on toner before it increased in price 10%. They spoke with our Office Manager, who did supply them with information regarding our copy machines, but did not place an order with them because she did not recognize them as a vendor, and knew that we had local relationships (we are located in Omaha, NE) for the majority of our supplies. Approximately one to two weeks after the call, we received an invoice for the product showing a "ship date" of March 30, 2020. The invoice was very explicit that it did not accept returns, give refunds, etc. The invoice was opened by a Partner in the Office and came to me (Business Manager) to find out why we had ordered very expensive toner from an out-of-state firm, when our toner was included in our Service Contract.

I researched the information, and learned the above. We set aside the invoice to see if anything further would happen. She confirmed she had not recieved the toner, and we agreed we would watch for the receipt.

A copy of the invoice and shipping receipt was sent (this week) to our "[email protected]" emailbox. If we had placed the order, we would have supplied them with a true user email account, not the generic one from the website. The email was very polite, firmly asking when we were scheduling payment. We responded saying that we had no intention of paying for product we neither ordered, not received.

When I looked at your listing for the company, the 4 complaints were very similar in nature to our complaint. Based on those, I’m sure they will claim they have a recording of the order. I am equally sure that they can produce a recording of the order, but it will be pieced together to suit their claim.

The UPS tracking (which we verified on the UPS website) shows that indeed they did ship something to us on March 30, and that it was received by the same Partner, who originally questioned the invoice; however her name was misspelled. She does not recall receiving any toner, and just as she questioned the original invoice received shortly after, she would have questioned the shipment, if she had opened it. Because it was during the pandemic, the package (which could have contained anything) could have been left at the front desk or by the front door, and since UPS "knows" our office, he could have merely called out to the Partner and put her name on the receipt. We have no way of absolutely confirming or denying receipt of a package from Supply Solutions Pro, due to the unusual circumstances created by the pandemic.

We did check our toner supplies this morning to match our inventory against the invoice; however the invoice doesn’t show "what" the order contained, other than "toner" – no quantity; no color. If we received such a shipment we would be more than happy to return it; however to the best of our knowledge we did not.

Yesterday, as I was preparing this response I search for the company on the Internet and was unable to find anything. (Their website is under a completely different name) I then did a reverse number lookup. There was no name associated with the lookup; however it did show as an "Inglewood, CA" phone. I then went to the Inglewood website, and recognized the address from the original invoice. It was not easy for me to locate this company – which I find surprising if this were a "legitimate" company.

I am attaching images of the original invoice, the email requesting payment, and a copy of the UPS delivery receipt, and a copy of our return email to them.

The individual listed in the "Person scammed" is the Office Manager – although the scam itself was directed against the business.

Casey –

Victim Location 92805

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

The company intercepted a call to our service contractor to request toner supplies, which are included in our contract. When we received the product with a bill we called to let them know that our products our included with our contract and at that time they told us they are a different company of whom we did not call. We asked for them to pick the product back up and cancel the invoice and at that time they yelled at the receptionist and were very rude. After we called them on the scam they have sent over a RA number.

Just want to make other people aware. This is not a legitimate way to do business.

Please avoid this company.

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