Superior Consulting Services

Kristopher –

Victim Location 90640

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Rental

Superior consulting services employed false advertisement to lure people looking for apartments into their office and charged me $200 for reserving the apartment listings. They claim that after paying the reservation fee of $200 you are "guaranteed approval" to their offered listings but this was not the case. When I first met with one of their representatives on a Saturday he guranteed me three apartment listings in the city of Montebello at $800, gave me the listing of the adresses and said that he would personally show me the places that upcoming Tuesday. That Tuesday I get a call from one of their representatives saying that all three locations where unavailable and that my appointment to see the units had been canceled. By failing to deliver their promises, they failed to deliver their services and therefore voided their responsibilites of the agreement. I am now trying to get my $150 refund and they refuse to give me back my money until after 90 days. The problem with this is that their contract expires after 90 days at which point, under their contract, it clearly states that they will not give me my money back.

Jacquelyn –

Victim Location 90032

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Rental

This business also goes by Superior Application Services. They post ads on Craigslist advertising apartments for rent with low prices. You call the number on the ad and they ask you to come into their office, so that you can fill out some paperwork as well as check your credit before you go can go see the rental properties. Once you get there you speak with a man named Marcos who gives you a run through of the whole process. He asks you what you’re looking for and your budget. Then he explains to you that they give you some listings of current rental properties which you can drive by, and if you like one then he’ll arrange a meeting with the owner for you to see the apartment from in the inside in 24- 72 hours. You fill out a contract with him stating their services to you, which expires 90 days from the signed date. You also fill out a 90 day limited refund guarantee policy, and then hands you a client presentation form/properties of interest paper as well. Once done with all of the papers he asks for a $200 cash fee which is supposed to go to your new apartments rent or the deposit. When you leave the office and go check out the places on the list none of them check out. The managers or rental properties have never heard of Superior Consulting Services and are in no way associated with them either. So when you call back and ask for your refund they either put you on hold and never answer, keep transferring your call from person to person, or they tell you that you have to wait 90 days for your refund.

From the look of things, the chances of someone getting their money back are pretty slim to none.

I found it rather odd that they didn’t ask for my social security number in order to check my credit.

Their Yelp page is full of angry customers who got scammed out off their money.

All I want out of this is dreadful situation is my $200 dollars back as soon as possible.

Micheal –

Victim Location 90032

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Rental

This place is a SCAM please avoid.

They post fake listings on Craigslist at a very attractive price so you’ll be inclined to take the chance for a view.

Once you call they’ll tell you to come to their "application center" and fill out app before touring the house.

Here they’ll tell you to pay $200 deposit and ID before viewing the property. $50 is application fee and other $150 go towards 1st month rent.

IT’S A LIE. Numerous people have walked out saying they felt scammed. You will not get money back.

Look up other places called "application services" on Yelp and you’ll see it’s all the same SCAM.

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