Super Secure Web

Mario –

Victim Location 30125

Total money lost $10,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

In the fall 2018 I googled a topic. Immediately, a notice appeared that I tried to access a questionable website…that my computer had been frozen and to call a number to resolve the issue. The notice had a Microsoft logo and indicated the vendor was a contractor with Microsoft. I called the number, spoke to a man with an Indian or Pakistani accent and out of fear, I agreed to pay $2,400.00 for lifetime cyber security. I googled Super Secure Web (SSW); their website appeared legit, so I reluctantly agreed to the "contract" and gave him a credit card #. Periodically heard from an SSW rep to see how things were going.

On December 31, 2018, I received an urgent call saying that my identity had been stolen and someone in Texas was trying to purchase two computers and an I-phone. They also put something on my monitor supposedly indicating countries where hackers had tried to access my system. They said they would send technicians to my location…attach a piece of hardware that would install a firewall on my system but that the hardware was very expensive, so I would need to give them a $3,000.00 deposit that they would refund to me. They said they didn’t want to take a credit card since my system was already compromised and instead instructed me to go to a Kroger, Walmart, CVS, etc. and purchase Google Play cards. Like a fool, I did that…and returned to my computer where I entered the numbers for the Google Play cards. They said the technicians would contact me to arrange to come to my office to set up the hardware…then my deposit would be returned to me.

Later that New Year’s Eve afternoon, they contacted me again…with more manipulative lies that I won’t go into because it makes me look that much more stupid and gullible…but before the day was out, they had extracted another $5,000.00 from me.

Bottom line: If anyone representing Super Secure Web contacts you, turn off your computer immediately and hang up the telephone. They have contacted me twice since New Year’s Eve. The first time, I unleashed a tirade of expletives and hung up. The second time I told them to never contact me again. A very expensive, yet valuable, lesson.

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