Sunset Health Center Reviews - Sunset Health Center Scam or Legit

Ricardo – May 20, 2020

Victim Location 72740

Type of a scam Phishing

They had a lady (Lilie King) call me and represent herself as part of the insurance team handling my car accident. She asked me all kinds of questions about the injuries I had. She then told me I needed to be seen by Sunset Health Center for my injuries. I thought it was to confirm the actual injuries for insurance purposes. I haven’t been in an injury accident before. She made me the apt. and I cleared my schedule to make it work. I get to the office and a girl takes all of my info (very detailed) then informs me that the doctor is a chiropractor. I was irate! I have had major spinal surgery in the past and will not let a chiropractor work on me for any reason, but not only that, I was stunned to find that he had nothing to do with the ins. co. He was just drumming up business from victims of accidents. I stormed out after finding this out and I called Lilie and asked her what the deal was and how she found me. She told me she found me on some site that shows accidents. I’m not sure exactly where it was at. I called her an ambulance chaser and she hesitated for a second and then told me, it wasn’t really like that and I described the meaning of ambulance chaser and she agreed that it was actually what she was doing.

THIS COMPANY NEEDS STOPPED! I went and looked at their reviews and found several other complaints about the same thing.

When I went to the site, I was SHOCKED to find an A+ rating for this company! This needs looked into. THIS IS BAD BUSINESS!!!

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