Sunrise loan llc Reviews - Sunrise loan llc Scam or Legit

Timothy –

Victim Location 85718

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I was told I was approved for a loan I give them all my information my bank statement bank account information driver’s license number every possible thing that they needed of information about me then they tell me that they need more verification process to see who I am so they told me they were going to deposit money into my checking account as a verification purpose so they told me to go to the store buy an eBay card actually chew eBay cards both $200 each and give them a photo of the cards showing proof that I bought them and then they wanted the numbers off of the back as I argued with them for well over an hour about the situation they reassured me that it was just a verification process and that the funds that they put into my bank account is the funds that I used to buy those cards and it was to make sure that my account was active and I wasn’t trying to pull a scheme or scam them out of any money once I did that I learned that $400 was taken out of my account and they wouldn’t reimburse me for it they kept saying that my loan was approved for $4,000 and that I would get it within 20 to 30 minutes after the phone call well hours went by and still nothing in my bank account so I called the numbers numerous times spoke with somebody on the end they kept giving me the runaround and eventually they got pissed off because I kept calling like every 15 minutes to talk to the guy they finally told me to quit calling so I sent the boss supposedly the bus an email actually it was a text message and I told him that he needed to call me as soon as possible or otherwise I was going to take further actions the guy by the name of Jimmy who was supposed to be the supervisor call me back the same guy that I talk to you on the phone 2 or 3 hours before and he told me that might loan was on hold there was a hold on it by the bank or somebody because my credit wasn’t good enough I told him just reimburse me back the $400 and we’ll worry about the loan tomorrow or some other time they did not reimburse my money back therefore they told me that if I was to send them another $450 then they would release the funds into my account after I told them that I wasn’t doing that they pretty much hung up on me so here I am writing this review I also have text messages between me and him as well as photos as well as a email with supposedly the loan amount interest rate everything like that seven pages

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