student loan relief from the government

Juan –

Victim Location 53132

Type of a scam Other

Received a call on my cell phone while busy at work. Answered it (knowing by now with all the non-stop student loan forgiveness calls I’ve been receiving and the area codes for which they are coming in the last two weeks) and recorded message said the government wants to offer me relief for my student loans. I should press "5" to end the call or "9" to talk to a representative. I pressed 9, heard a recording that all reps were busy, then music, then disconnected. You cannot call the number back because it says it is "not in service." However, when I click "redial" on my iPhone, it calls the number back, I get the same recording, then disconnects. What is ridiculous is I have never taken a student loan. The scammers were scammed, obviously – when they purchased the list my number is on!!! It is happening to co-workers of mine as well, so I know that scammers are sharing incorrect lists of people with no loans. Also, we’re all on the federal Do Not Call List registry! These guys are total scammers.

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