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Ronnie – Jul 15, 2020

Victim Location 39213

Total money lost $149

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company, Blaux advertises on all web news links, entertainment links, etc.,. They are mostly advertising portable air conditioners. But once you express interest, you are inundated with emails, for numerous products. I was interested in the air conditioner, having gone a couple of months with no air. They advertised it as $79.00. However, special offer for 2 at $149.00. I chose the special offer. Immediately after purchasing, I regretted it. I let my need for this product overrule my good judgement. I felt something was off when they flooded my inbox with numerous products after I made my purchase. That made me immediately do a search on them. What came up was numerous complaints about them being a scam. Many had made purchases and did not receive the item, tried reaching them by phone, with no success. Some had made their phase through PayPal in order to provide some security. But found that PayPal was not helpful. They thing that I didn’t understand is that if PayPay had numerous complaints about this company why were they continuing to do business with them. I too made my purchase using PayPay, when I started to get inundated with these e-mails, I immediately logged in to stop the payment. We are talking a matter of about 2-3 minutes. The payment was already processed. At the very least, having received numerous complaints about this company, PayPal could allow some time for the payment to be processed. I have submitted a complaint and a request through PayPay for a refund. Since it’s only being a week, don’t have a response yet. But would very much like to prevent anyone else from making the mistake I and so many others have. This company is everywhere, please beware!

Kendra –

Victim Location 74563

Total money lost $125

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Odered $125.00 worth of antennas & booster. Credit card was billed on 02/06/19. Its 03/22/19 & not received yet. Email on status said order was delayed to high volume of orders. Is a scam & i cancelled creidi card this morning & will be issued new one. Am out my $ & product. Was gonna cancel Dish service to use new antennas. Especially wanted 4 RV.

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