Stormy Creative

Maria –

Victim Location 33311

Type of a scam Employment

They approached me by email as a Photography company, Stormy Creative, to hire me for a Clothing brand’s campaign. I’m a Fashion Model. I was prompted for my Identification Number, Full name, Address, Birth date, Working experience, Instagram handle, Bank, along with my Measurements. Everything personal. I was emailed that my part payment were to be mailed in & afterwards i would be contacted by the Project Supervisor. I was told their account payable officer, mark nolan, would be in contact & that that was the final part of the process. mark nolan sends the payment in the company’s name, “legit”. when i went to deposit the check at the same branch on the check, the check came back fraudulent & the bank withheld the check. when i checked in with my payor (mark ***) to clear up the situation, i was disrespected, accused of theft, & threatened that my personal info would be sent. then no contact. I then emailed Storm Mac, the initial person i was contacted by. nothing. Not only is this uncomfortable institutional wise, but also 2 days of work were wasted.

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