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Tammy – May 20, 2020

Victim Location 76513

Type of a scam Employment

I’ve been looking for employment anywhere I can find it….. still no luck! I applied for the "work from home" sites and recieved a USPS PRIORITY MAIL envelope with a check and a single page of instruction. It said to cash the check "ONLY AT MY PERSONAL BANK!" and not to get it cashed at the issuing bank because I was not evaluating the issuing bank with my "Secret shopper" title they have given me. After the check is cashed immediately go purchase gift cards in large amounts and immediately take pictures and send them to my supervisor with proof of purchase…… None of this made a bit of sense to me so I shredded all information I recieved from them.. But now I have recieved another USPS envelope with check and instruction page the check is for almost $5000. The instructions are to purchase 4/$1,000 cashiers checks and "DO NOT FILL IT OUT!.. Same steps .immediately take pics.. sends to supervisor… so I will not be a part of this scam!! I’m not letting some freeloader leave me responsible for thousands of dollars they are attempting to steal from me!! ( I’m attaching the second envelope and what was in it)

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