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Ryan – Jun 19, 2020

Yeah had gols shipped to flint michigan was there one day they wanted 16500 for storage sent a document saying if paid in full the gold would be shipped then they wanted 3400 hundred for insurance im woundering if this is even real company and there is a woman involved na Linda vozzella has anybody else heard that name?

Tammy –

Scammer’s website Sting courier care services

Scammer’s email Sting courier service

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Initial means of contact Email

My brother that lives in Arizona has been dealing with this supposed company for months, it all started with a dating scam of which the woman scammed him out of 10,000 dollars but supposabley that woman was arrested and upon being arrested my brother was supposabley awarded 20 bars of gold that were being kept in Accra Ghana, these people put him in contact with this courtier service called Sting courier service and they sent him paperwork to sign and pay for the shipment of this gold. Supposabley the gold got shipped to Orlando Florida but then taxes had to be paid so my brother did and the shipment left the airport on it’s way to Arizona and the driver got pulled over and the shipment was confiscated by a marshal because there wasn’t a form called the point of origin paperwork, now they continue to contact him for more money for storage fees, my brother has bank to bank information is there anyone that can help him because we do believe this is a scam and they have scammed him out of 17,000 dollars now?

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