Steve Williams

Wendy –

Victim Location 55768

Type of a scam Tech Support

Today I received a phone call from Steve Williams, (Indian accent). "I’m calling in regard to your computer. When you go online there are hidden infections and internal things that slow your computer day by day. Go to your computer, is it on? Do you see icons on your screen? Do you see on the keyboard, right of the control key the four flags on the Windows key? Press and hold it. Do you see the Rand command empty box? Type in: ***, and press enter. In the left top corner in custom view, Double click and get Administer Events. Double click. Do you get a screen for Events and Warnings? Don’t touch it. Close it out and Go to your desktop. Can you name for me your desktop icons? I’ll help you. Do you see the four flags "Windows" key on the bottom left of your keyboard? Press and hold it. In the empty Rand command box type: iexplore Press enter. Do you get a pngage? In the Rand command box type a 6 digit code: ***. This is a secure code. Start Download. Do you see a black box at the bottom of the page? (When I said, "yes", He said, "Are you just wasting my time? Shut up, you ***! (Dirty word). [Then he hung up]

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