Sterling Capital Lending Group Ltd.

Ernest –

Total money lost $1,860

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Hello, My name is Kelly Townsend and I’m reporting to make others aware that this site is truly stealing peoples money. I applied online and they contacted me over the phone the person/alias’s name was Jeff Howard and informed me that I was accepted for 10 000.00 – 20 000$ and because I have significant expenses due to husbands illness I enquire more about it in desperation for this loan. I first enquired about the 10 000.00 dollars and after they took my information for my bank they then proceeded to inform me of this insurance through there company that I had to purchase to get this loan and would cost me 1300.00 at a repayment of 366.00 $ per month. I then proceed to tell him that it would have to wait until my payday through Canada Pension, Old age Security and Disability. which left a few days before the transaction. Then when I had the money for the loan I then enquired about the 20 000.00$ because I figured that I could pay back some of my debt and still have some money for other uses apparently, the only thing that changed was the repayment time period from 3 to 6 years and the amount for the insurance 1300.00 to 1860.00 dollars . So I went down to the bank and pulled the money like I was informed by Jeff howard and proceeded to the rbc and put the money into the account here of Dameon Ali. Account number 512 5570 Transit 05762 and instution number is 003. The amount that was required for the 20 000.00 dollars was paid and no money has been received and according to contact with this business is not coming. They stole all my money and people should be warned. The phone number is again 1-604-217-3933. I can’t stop them apparently or do anything according to cops and banks now that it’s been done so this is my only option.

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