Sterling associates

Lawrence –

Victim Location 30093

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received threatening phone calls about a payday loan that I owed.I was told that a warrant for my arrest would be filed if I didn’t pay immediately. They implied that I had committed a fraud. They refused to tell me the company’s name.

Javier –

Victim Location 29605

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called and told me that I have an outstanding bill from Alliance. I do not owe money to this business. They had called the law to come and pick me up for non payment of this bill. I called back the phone number and was told they would work out an arrangement with me. I ws to pay $200.00 for three months and then $179.48 for an additional month. Gave them my checking account number to have the money taken out. I contacted my bank and was told to come in and close out my account. The business also told me that I would have to go to CVS and get money gram and send $100.00. I did not go to CVS, so I have not lost any money.

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