Reviews - Scam or Legit

Andres – Jul 20, 2020

I sent emails asking what the status of my tv ..never gotten an answer i spent 97 bucks. I am also pissed.

Noah – Jul 13, 2020

I placed an order for 94$ in april. Since then havent heard anything abt my tv. Whenever I would check the status it would say processing. I emailed them multiple times and never got a response. Today 7-13-2020 I went to check status of my order and I cant access their site. It says forbidden resource. They took my $94. This is a scam. I’m pissed. How can these people be allowed to do this? How can FB allow this to happen?

Marie – Jul 07, 2020

They got me for 89$ and some cents. Now I can not get in touch with them, later the same day the site had closed me out. Have not heard from them. How can Facebook let this happen, on their watch? Scam

Jacquelyn – Jul 05, 2020

I was almost sure this was a scam.but.i sent the 98. And waited and waited. Now I can’t even get on their site.i wish they could be shut down and sued

Nathaniel – Jul 04, 2020

I had a similar experience as most others had in that I thought Facebook ads would be ok to buy from so I bought a large 4k smart TV from for £65.00, and I have nothing in return, I have tried to contact them and find out about the product I purchased and get a tracking number from them but have had no response. How can Facebook allow such websites to advise on there site, outrageous Facebook.

Julian – Jun 30, 2020

somebody should turn them into state attorney general

Ivan – Jun 25, 2020

I got the website off of Facebook and never received no tv plus i brought switch and ps4 i still got the receipt.for all the stuff what do i do now.

Cameron – Jun 19, 2020

Same thing I purchased a TV I seen the ad on Facebook can’t get a response from them and no TV

Roberto – Jun 09, 2020

Scammer’s phone none given

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address none given

Scammer’s email on site email

Country United States

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Initial means of contact Email

Ordered a TV , gave up my credit card number, nothing further from the company and they are all over the different scam sites. I paid $93 for nothing.

Cassie – Jun 09, 2020

Ordered TV for 93.00 and they were never heard from again! Somebody should look into these people.

Lacey – Jun 04, 2020

Never again…I just spent 94$ on a tv in I think this is a scam can’t get my money back

Carlos – May 27, 2020

Victim Location 87107

Total money lost $93

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Advertises tvs at 100 or less but never delivers and never responds to and correspondence sent to them

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