State Wide Processing

Wayne –

Victim Location 54848

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I did not recognize the number so I let the call go to voice mail. The voice mail said my name some reference number and their phone number to contact them. I called and inquired as to who they were. The lady said the company’s name was State Wide Processing. She confirmed some basic info on me and said someone was taking me to court and even sounded sort of official and stated that there was surveillance footage of me doing said transaction "taking out a loan" and the said loan company was taking me to court but was unable to get ahold of me as they were attempting to deliver documents to me. I had not received any prior mailings from said company and when I said I wasn’t gonna argue about what I have or have not received then asked for said documents as I wanted to go over them. her reply was "Well than you can go to court for those papers" and hung up on me!! no said documents sent to me, no said court cases address with me, nothing from said company in regards to this company calling me… so yea!! SCAM!!!

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