State Economic Development Administration Reviews - State Economic Development Administration Scam or Legit

Brittney –

Victim Location 63452

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was sent a message from a long time friend that she saw my name on a list of winners for a grant from States Economic Development Administration, so I contacted them about the money that I had supposedly won. Since then I have been texted from several different numbers telling me I have won $100,000 and they are trying to help people financially in order to jump start the economy in a program called "Poverty Reduction and Eradication". The money was to be delivered directly to my door step by UPS. I even got text messages claiming to be from UPS about tracking my shipment of money. Agents Vanessa *** and Jim *** are supposedly from the States Economic Development Administration and they are working with the United Nations and Facebook to identify winner emails to disburse the money. When asked if the money had to be paid back they said they are ‘United Power to Success and *** *** *** *** and the money was a grant. I only had to fill out the form (which they said was grant writing), which asked for my name, state, zip code, date of birth, email address, marital status, texting phone, occupation, Mother’s name, city, male or female, hearing or deaf, house or apartment, age and income. I received delivery information which included my name, reference number, batch number and ticket number. I was told I needed to pay $875 filing fee and they even agreed to let me pay it in 2 payments. They have continued to send me text messages over several days even though I said I wasn’t interested and wasn’t going to pay any money. They are relentless.

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