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Chase – Aug 26, 2020

Looking at my bank debit card balance, it has a 98.41 bill to I purchased nothing at help mike

Ivan –

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I was on the internet and a survey popped up. Said it was 6 questions regarding SHAW. It informed me after answering the questions I’d be eligible for a prize.

I am a SHAW customer so filled it out. At the end it had a long list of prizes, one being a Mini Ipad. said shipping was $5. So I filled it out and gave my VISA info.

Late in the day I received an email saying I had set up an account for STARTTOWATCH.COM an on-line movie streaming service.

I was to be charged the $5 every month until I cancelled. Of course the Survey I thought I was filling out for SHAW said NOTHING about any affiliation with start to watch.

I contacted SHAW and they have absolutely NO affiliation with them and had no clue their company name is being used for this survey.

I reached out to start to watch with emails using 3 different sources. Of course I haven;’t heard back.

I have since called VISA and they had to cancel my card and issue me a new one.

The whole signing up for their service is fraud. They are duping innocent people out of money with NO mention of what’s really being done.

Please look into it and I hope NO ONE else has to go through this stress.

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