Starks Recovery

Thomas –

Victim Location 95680

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Starks Recovery

4900 California Ave

Tower B Second Floor

Bakersfield, CA 93309

My husband received the phone call first; they would not give him any information except that they were going to sue me. I called 1-866-505-7332 and was hung up on 3 times. I tried to get a supervisor, and was told they don’t have CEOs or Supervisors. Eventually a woman (Autumn Thomas) that called my husband finally called my cell phone. The woman stated that I owed $590 from a $400 defaulted loan I took out in June of 2011 from a company called Highland Holding. I asked for Highland Holding’s information. She said she didn’t have that information because it was an online loan I took out from 2011, and that I should know who they are. She went on about how I should have kept record; even though I told her that I have no clue who Highland Holding were.

I told her that it’s not true, I do not owe this; but she went on about me owing the money and that they would take me to court if I did not pay. She finally hung up on me.

It’s scary because she has my social security number and knew who I banked with.

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