Stanley’s Best Blacktop Contract Reviews - Stanley’s Best Blacktop Contract Scam or Legit

Chase – Jun 24, 2020

Victim Location 45315

Type of a scam Home Improvement

A young man (late 30’s) stopped by my mother’s house & said that his company could seal her driveway & fix cracks for $750.00 (my mom is 90 1/2 years old). No estimate was given, only a business card w/out an address, email address, etc. My mother said OK to the job then left. The job was done. I was furious. I stopped by her house to see the job. It was only sprayed on black, no cracks fixed. While I was there, the men (4) returned to get paid. They asked what time she would be home so they could come back again & get paid. Or they could come by in the morning. They told me they had been back 3 times already but my mom was not home. I was not kind & told them they had preyed on the elderly & not to come back again. I told them to give me a bill. The bill they gave me has no address, email address, nothing. In fact, it states "PAID IN FULL". I have looked online, looked up the phone #’s (1 is a cell, the other lists in Sandusky, OH). In fact, there is absolutely nothing online at all. The man who was in charge was a large, heavy set man with his "son" & 2 other men in the back seat of the truck. They had a large round holding container on the back of the truck with a sprayer (no asphalt was used). The "son" said that he had been in the area doing another job & had "this left" so he stopped to see if my mom wanted her drive done. One man had gotten out of the truck to show me that the job was dry. After a few heated words, the large man told me to tell my mom it was no charge & she got the job done for free. He said I could check with the as he had no negative reports at all which I have. Nothing is listed anywhere online. The invoice states: "To clean an seal driveway with Brewer Coat Sealer. We flood cracks with sealer to seal them. You will always see a crack but will be sealed". The "Seller" is signed "Dick Stanley" The bill says "Stanley’s Best" & under that it says, "Blacktop Contract". I am very suspicious as there is absolutely nothing online. The man in charge yelled at the man out of the truck to get back in the truck a couple of times then they left quickly. Unfortunately, I did not get the license plate # but it was a white older pickup truck.

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