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Type of a scam Employment

Received an email from Marrie Harris at Stainfield Jobs Inc on Monday, October 2, 2017 with a job offer, I knew I had not applied at this company or for this position as I have never heard of them, I played dumb and asked what job it was for, she sent me a job description and said the position was mine. The job description was very vague with no office location and it paid $5000 a month. I looked them up online and their website looked legit, the contact info matched her email so I tried calling the number and it was out of service, I then tried to fill in the contact us form on the website and I kept receiving an error message. I then emailed Marrie and said the number was not working was there another number I could call and where was the office located in Calgary, she replied with the soon to be new office location but did not provide a phone number. I then asked if I would be having an interview with someone or meeting with the new Calgary team, this was her response: We do not conduct a preliminary interview, as the information in the interview is strictly confidential, and we have no right to disclose it until you become our employee. Only after signing the employment contract, you will be considered by our employee and you will be able to have access to confidential information…As an HR professional this answer does not make any sense to me!

She has been very persistent as well, I receive a couple emails a day from her, I also receive emails being sent at 6am BC time which to me seems early to be in the office!

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