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Neil – Apr 23, 2020

Scammer’s phone 360-303-4247

Scammer’s website

Country United States

Type of a scam Charity

Initial means of contact In person

Last year we purchased a certificate from an auction for a photo session with Eterna Studios, now called Stafford Portraits with Amie Stafford. Amie charged us hundreds of dollars more. Based off of what the certificate said the value was, she made it seem like we were getting a framed portrait, or photo album option with prints. Amie Stafford was very shady about answering our questions about pricing when she showed us our different ‘options’.

On the day of our family photo session, Amie Stafford pretended like she was at the location we all chose, and never even showed up. We finally met up with her at a different location. She took a few snaps while her teenage son assisted. So unprofessional! She was very rude, and it was difficult communicating with her. She became aggressive with snide remarks when we asked her for clarification on what exactly we were paying for. When we called her out on not showing up, she began lying about being there, and months later she states she was “lost”. (Pretty sure she just forgot what lie she told us).

Five months after our photo session is when we received our ’emailed portrait’. We never even got to see our options from the snaps she took, and there was next to zero communication during those 5 months of waiting. We were scammed, and it’s been a total nightmare ever since, all because I left an honest review. We started receiving phone calls and text messages from her demanding we take down our review and she would “consider giving us our money back”. We haven’t even replied to her and now she is saying we have threatened her. We filed a report against her, and her response is that we didn’t show up to our chosen location for the photo. Little does she know my dad works in that area we chose, and he was the first one there early, after work waiting for us, so we know for a fact she never showed because we were all there waiting on her.

Amie Stafford is an unstable woman with a shady business, trying to hide how poorly she treated us. I’m not backing down on my review, in fact I am updating it so other people hopefully can avoid the mess she is, and possibly see other similar experiences from google and yelp before purchasing Groupon’s by her or bidding on her ‘Certificate’ for what ended up being nothing more than a lousy, overpriced $500, emailed photo! What a nightmare.

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