Staff Sgt. Sarah Nailey

Elizabeth –

Victim Location 35476

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Had low price on a great looking red 2003 Jeep rubicon.. said he/she was going to be deployed for air force purposes in a week. And wanted to sell fast and not let it sit in a storage building.. I offered for someone I knew that lives not far from the military base they claimed to be at to meet them with cash to complete transaction.. they kept insisting to do the transaction over the internet that they had prearranged some poo with eBay and some other horse poo they tried to feed me. They did not want to meet or give me a phone number or address to meet. I told them my friend would have cash for them and it would save them on shipping charges.. but again said it would be free shipping to me. Then after several emails they stopped replying cause I they knew I was on to them and was calling them out on there BS!! ANYONE AND EVERYONE REMEMBER IF ITS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT MORE THAN LIKELY IS!!! Now there are a lot of good deals that can be found just remember meet in person do not do transactions over the net if you are unsure.. be safe not sorry! I come from a long military involved family and people like this sicken me. They are a discrace to military personnel and mankind. They should be arrested for impersonating a military officer and trying to scam people out of there hard worked for money..

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