Spring Technical Solutions

Andrew –

Victim Location 94521

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call and the caller ID came up as "Out of area Private caller". They introduced themselves as "Microsoft Services" and "informed" me that my computer has a virus. After some rigamroll, they directed me to open msconfig and showed me the services while (falsely) claiming that the stopped services were a result of a virus. He then had me go to www.onsupport.tk with the intent on getting me to run a remoting program and gain access to my computer. When I confronted him, he claimed to be from Spring Technical Solutions and gave me the callback number of 1-800-476-3134.

I have had 2 of my tech support clients tell me about this scenario happening to them. One told me they tried to get her to pay them over $200 for an anti-virus that she did not need. Thankfully she gave me a call before giving them any money.

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