Spring hill hotel

Brendan –

Victim Location 21202

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Employment


I just want to know if i have been scammed by these people.i received an email from hotel spring that i have been hired in their hotel.we exchange emails and send me some forms to be fill up for my and ask me to send my passport and visa for employment and they will be the one to give them to us embassy for approval. After a days they emailed me that my wotk permit visa and etc.had been approved by the diplomat of us.then they told me that the us embassy had send my documents to a cargo services in maryland. I look at cargo services and verify the name if it is really real then someone i talk to the no.of the website is the same with the email. So i pay $250 for the delivery payment to have my documents here in abudhabi. Then the douala international airport of customs and insurance control department emailed me that my documents are held in their office and i need to pay $620 for the insurance before they will release it. I contacted the spring hill hotel and tell them that i can not pay anymore the $620 then the hotel said that they do understand my situation they offered me just to pay $100 and the rest they will be the one to pay. I feel like something wrong. Even though i verify my application to them is true i still feel like something wrong is going on..kindly help me how to find this out before paying again.thank you for your help

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