Edward –

Victim Location 96814

Total money lost $14

Type of a scam Online Purchase


1)… I ordered mushroom spores for microscopic research on October 6, 2017.

2)… My order was shipped out on October 11, 2017 and arrived in Thailand where I was staying on December 25, 2017 (the Thailand post office does not recognize "Christmas" as a valid Thai holiday). So… it took 80 days from the time I ordered my product till the time I received it!

3)… Also, instead of sending the product discretely, as they advertise, they sent an invoice in the package stating exactly what I ordered, which could have easily set off alarm bells at Thai Customs. Really stupid.

4)… Also, on their website they state: "if you are located in Canada or International your order will be processed using the CAD dollar system." However, they charged me in USD. Ripped me off of a few dollars by charging me in USD, instead of CAD.

5)… When I took out the spore syringe from the envelope it came in, it looked like plain, clear water. Nevertheless, I attempted to grow mushrooms using the syringe, and after two attempts and no results, I decided to ask for a refund.

6)… Spores101 claims on rip-off report that:

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"Innersight Trading has a very detailed and reliable satisfaction guarantee that they implement for every website and transaction. If you are not satisfied with what you received you can request a full refund and it will happen. It has happened for every single customer that has requested it. … Anyone that has an issue with Innersight Trading please email [email protected] or contact 250-932-1116 and our staff will be happy to help you sort out the situation."

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When I emailed sales [at] innersight-trading.com, NO ONE REPLIED FOR 4 DAYS.

So, I went to Spores101 website and sent an email using their email address.

7)… So, when this chump named Andrew, who can’t even spell kindergarten-level words correctly in his emails, tells me: "I have credited your Spores101.com account with enough to points to redeem a new syringes. I can not offer a refund as the order was placed to long ago… over 4 months ago. This our Company policy," I reminded him that I received my order on Dec 25, 2017, the four-month delay was due to the inordinate amount of time it took to arrive at my door. I placed the order on Oct 6, and received it on Dec 25. Go figure. Also, I used the syringe w/in that 2 week period that he was referring to. Maybe the syringe went bad because of how long it took to arrive… which is not my fault.

So, in effect they are telling me that I can’t receive a refund because the order was placed so long ago, as if that really matters in my case.

If this company offered me $100,000 in credit from their website, I wouldn’t use a penny of it. I don’t do business with scam artists and losers.



The people on ripoffreport.com are telling you the truth:


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