Splash Pomskies

Douglas –

Victim Location 98042

Total money lost $850

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found the website through puppyfind.com. I filled out the online form, and the seller contacted me via email and text message. They sent me 5 additional photos of the puppy, and in a second email 2 videos of her. They said that they wanted $700 for the puppy, and $150 for shipping. When I inquired as to payment method, they explained that they had been recently hacked and the only way they would accept payment was via Moneygram. I went to Moneygram, made the payment and then texted them a photo of the receipt as proof of payment. They said they were packing up the puppy immediately and would be taking her to the airport immediately and would get back to me within an hour or so with shipper information. I then received an email from [email protected] giving me a tracking number and a link to the flexishipping.com website track your pet page. When I put in the tracking number, I saw the information that you would expect to see about weight, destination etc, but no specific arrival info. I called the phone number, and got a scratchy sounding guy with an accent who answered the phone "hello?". This made me suspicious. I contacted the breeder again, and he said that there was not a flight until morning, but the she would be flying out at 5am. I received a call back from the shippers number and he repeated the same information. This morning, there was no email from the shipper and no answer from the phone number, so I actually called the breeder rather than text message. The man I spoke with said that he would call, and I should hear from the shipper shortly. A few minutes later, I got a call from another number, claiming to be the shipper and telling me that my puppy would be put on a plane in a minute. When I asked repeatedly what airline and flight number she would be on, he just kept repeating the same thing, and told me I would get an email shortly with all the information. A few minutes later I got an email saying that I didn’t have any insurance, but for $1700 I could get insurance from the shipper that was fully refundable on arrival, and the email contained some very bogus looking certificates. I called the breeder, and he sounded suitably outraged and said he would take care of it. A while later he sent a text saying the he had paid the insurance costs. He did not respond when I asked when my puppy would be arriving. By then I had seen that they had appeared in your database. I tried to call the number again and my call was declined. This man claimed to be an honorable Christian, and even said that he would never take advantage of someone this close to Easter as proof of his honesty. These monsters will stop to any depths to perpetrate their scams. He even sent me pictures of the supposed parents of my puppy, and seemed very concerned that the puppy was going to a good home in order to convince me that this was a genuine offer. There has to be a way to stop these monsters!

Ian –

Victim Location 02108

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Selling puppies pomsky.

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