Spencer, Edwards and Associates

Andrew –

Victim Location 25678

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My daughter was contacted by this "company" by cell phone, and ws told that a civil suit was being filed against her mother (me). She was instructed to have me call the above number with a case number he provided her. She lives in another state, but texted this "important" information to me immediately. I called, and was suspicious because my social security number had been obtained in an apple ID scam a couple of weeks prior. The man, Dean Richards, told me that he was with this law firm who was suing me on behalf of a medical bill that I had not paid. He gave me the alleged date of service. He continued to pressure me to pay $1133.39 immediately or they would sue me for $2800, and garnish my wages. I had no knowledge of this bill, although it was from a local hospital. He told me that the date I received service was in 2002. He told me I could pay a settlement of $569.20, within 24 hours, by e-mail using a credit card and e-signing through something called docu-sign. I called the hospital, after hanging up with him, and found out that the alleged bill did not exist and neither did I receive any treatement on the date he gave me in 2002. I asked the hospital collections department if they used Spencer Edwards and Associates as a law firm for their collections cases, and they informed me that they had never heard of them and they were not on their list. I e-mailed the "debt collecting law firm" back and told them that I knew they were scammers, with a choice word or two, and that I reported them to the state police. They still insisted that they plan to garnish my wages. It’s scary how much information they know about me…my employer, address from 20 years ago, daughter’s phone number, etc. BEWARE!!!!

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