Speedway Motorsports/Group 1 Automotive

Luis –

Victim Location 34746

Type of a scam Employment

I was faced with two likely fraudulent scams from individuals named Jaden O’hara ([email protected]) and Frank Miller ([email protected]) from Group 1 Automotive and Speedway Motorsports, respectively. I found them through Internships.com (offered by Chegg). For Speedway Motorsports, Frank asked me to pay over $400 for an automated time tracker. I told him that I didn’t have that kind of money on me and told me that it would be taken care of. He said that I would work strictly from home and online and would be sending me a free laptop with accounting software to start my training for the job. Each job interview were for financial analyst/clerk positions. Miller claimed to have gone to university in Louisiana, but doesn’t seem to have a decent grasp of the English language.He also asked for my address, name, bank name, school, etc and I unfortunately gave it to him not realizing it could have been a scam. I reverse imaged searched the picture used for Jaden O’hara of Group 1 Automotive and it appeared to lead me to an article with a man named Robert Yuska of Pittsburgh. They both didn’t want to call for a phone interview but resorted to interviewing me through Google Hangouts.

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