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Victim Location 61571

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The company leaves a phone message stating that I need to contact them immediately and pay before a bill is given to a debt collection agency. They give me an account number and a phone number to call, but I can also pay via the internet at http://www.eznetinfo.com/smig. When I went to the website, it started setting off alarms and stating that I was experiencing a fatal Windows issue and needed to call a Microsoft agent at the number listed immediately to rectify this issue. The windows wouldn’t let me close them. Also, every time I tried to close, another one popped up. If I would have called the "Microsoft agent", then they would have charged me to "fix" the problem. Microsoft has stated that they would never make a pop up come up with their phone number in this manner. It is a total scam!

The only reason I went to the website was to see what they showed. I know that any credible medical facility that I go to will have a more defined website than eznetinfo.com. Once I accessed the website, that’s when all the alarms and popup’s started. Thankfully I had Kaspersky and Malwarebytes and was able to get around it and clean everything off my PC that they tried to put on. I don’t have any images. I wanted the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Many people have lost money with this type of scam.

When I called the Peoria, IL BBB, they found this scamming company to be out of Indianapolis, IN which is the reason I am putting in my complaint with the Indy BBB.

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