Spark United Asset Group Reviews - Spark United Asset Group Scam or Legit

Shane – Jul 07, 2020

Victim Location 27858

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Calls multiple times every day. Saying I Owe a credit card from orchid bank that was never closed and intrest grew to 4,000.00. But would settle for 750.00. This bill is not on my credit report . But the woman had my social security number . Said her name was Gretchen Davis and she was a licensed arbitration. She keeps stating this is the last time she will call and it never is the last time . My wife , thought it sound it sketchy to her too, called the number back from a number different than mine. She answered Hello (not the name of company or business) souned like the same women. My wife ask was this a particular grocery store. The lady says no. My wife asked what number is this. She said they have multiple numbers but never stated the company or business. She said she’s going to start the process of contacting my bank & employment for garnishment. She’s been threatening to do this a week and a half. When she first started the threat I thought it was suspicious so I contacted my bank. The customer service representative thought It was a little sketchy as well. She the bank rep, advised me that this could be do through court or state or federal revenue. Not a collection agency . The suspected scammer called today and my wife answered my phone she asked for me. My wife asked who was this she said Sparks Uniteded Asset Group (on call before she said it was some other name.I can’t remember. (Maybe American Asset United or United Asset Group) My wife asked what company is this She said Sparks united asset (s) Group. My wife said I’ll give him the message. She proceeds to inform my wife ( my wife never identified who she was to the woman on the phone) personal Information regarding why she was calling. My wife cut her off by saying I’ll give him the message. And advised me to call BBB. I have Googled the number and the company and have not found anything indicating to me that this is a legitimate business. And they have the power to garnish my wages.

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