Southwest Auto Sales

Melinda –

Victim Location 46807

Type of a scam Other

On 06/08/18 I visited South West Auto Sales to claim a tv their promotion said I had won. I sat down with a Vince L*** and a Eddie W***. I was asked several personal questions like my address, employment, and social security number. I asked why they needed that info and I was told it was to process my prize claim. The person took my information and my 18-year-old daughters name and said he would be back. After 20 minutes he came back and said if would be a few more minutes. I told him to tell me if I had not won the prize and I would leave as I had no need for another car since I have a 2017 Kia Forte already. He again asked me to wait a few more minutes claiming he was checking my prize ticket and verifying my claim numbers. After another 15 minutes he came back and escorted me over to a soda machine where a sign was on top and said my numbers did not match those numbers and I did not win the TV. I told him he could have told me that 45 minutes earlier and I left the office. He then told my daughter that she did win a gift card. after another 15 minutes my daughters comes out to the car with a $5.00 gas station gift card. We left the auto lot. Then on 06/10/18 I started receiving email alerts from Trans Union and Experian alerting me my credit score had dropped 50 points due to numerous inquires of my credit report. Then on 06/12/18 both my daughter and myself received a letter saying we had been denied for an auto loan. Neither one of us ever authorized or asked for a car loan from anyone. They used our information without our approval or knowledge.

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