Taryn –

Victim Location 32837

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

The scam starts with them sending you a check Priority Mail. Very professional, I might add. You are to deposit the check to your account, buy $2,500 of Walmart Gift cards, take a picture of the purchased gift cards and email to them the picture of the card numbers. The Check will bounce and you will now have given them $2,500.00 of walmart gift card.

Payment has been delivered via USPS,a check of $2850, its covers the expenses for your first assignment, $300 as your Bonus and your logistics,$30 to buy anything of your choice at the nearest Gap store or any clothing store, and then $2500 to purchase Walmart Gift cards as stated in the instructions emailed to you. We hope task will be done diligently and in a timely manner adhering to instructions and we expect you to completed the task as soon as possible. Once purchased, gently scratch the silver panel at the back of the cards, takes pictures of all the cards and email to us including the receipts for verification.

A confirmatory of the email will be appreciated as we anticipate your swift response, have a great day.


Frederick Dever

Recruiting Department


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