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Kurt – Jul 20, 2020

Victim Location 38671

Type of a scam Employment

this fake company contacted me via email over a month ago and offered me a work from home job. I thought it was a company I had applied to through Indeed, but apparently not. I set up all of the HR items needed for pay and paycheck deductions, just like a real job. Set up my dashboard to start receiving inbound packages to ship and everything. As packages came in I shipped them out. Didn’t have to pay any money upfront, they shipped boxes and was suppose to ship supplies this week as well as get paid but neither happened! I tried calling all numbers and no success. Some of the numbers were even disconnected. I don’t know what the deal was with these people! I opened every package to identify the contents. Saved all package information and text messages as well as contact information.

Samuel – Jul 16, 2020

Victim Location 33186

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Employment

I was hired one month ago as a packing specialist by an apparent shipping company called SONIC Ship. I was working from home, receiving packages that clients from around the world would purchase online from well-known stores, checking that the item bought was in good conditions, taking photos and sending them to "my supervisors" for them to approve them and send me a shipping label so I ship them to the clients. Then I would send "the supervisors" the shipping receipt and that’s it, next package.

Everything seemed so legit since the beginning: a contract with the company name, signatures and stamps; the EIN number of the company; names, emails and phone numbers of "my supervisors" who, btw, would call me every day to give me orientations regarding the packages I was supposed to receive and ship to the clients (nothing bad, btw, just regular items like vacuum cleaners, cameras or a watch, for example); an orientation video to show me how to do the work; a dashboard where I would enter all the information about the packages and clients; etc.

Then, all of the sudden, on my payday I see that my salary is not added to my card. I tried to access my dashboard and it said my username or password was wrong, which sounded impossible to me because I had all this info saved on my laptop, I just had to click login and I was in. So, I sent them an email, I texted "a supervisor" named Valeria Nicastro, I called three of the numbers they used to call me from, and nothing, no answer on any of the attempts.

So, I started getting worried and I googled the name of the company and found a lot of comments on different platforms talking about it, reporting it as a big scam. I started reading all the comments and found out that they had tricked a lot of other people like me. They were all saying what had happened to them and it was exactly what happened to me: same "supervisors", same "contract", same procedures, I mean after one month they block you on your payday and you cannot contact them at all. I didn’t google this before joining the company because, I repeat, everything looked so legal and also attractive as to salary, working time, benefits, etc., and the same happened to the others.

According to the comments I read, these scammers do these purchases with stolen credit cards, have these items that they purchase for their "clients" sent to you and then you have to ship them to whoever they tell you with your name on the packages as the sender, therefore if anything comes up it is your name that is there, not theirs. A lot of these people have reported this to the police also; others like me don’t know what is best to do because I have not been in the US for long, so I still don’t know how many things work here. I learned about from one of the comments and that’s why I am reporting it to you, but I don’t know what the next step could be or what else to do. I have a bunch of evidences with me (emails, texts, phone numbers, contract, etc).

I am worried and mad and frustrated. One whole month working for them to find out at the end that I was tricked, so I would like these scammers to pay for what they are doing to people like me, who only want to work legally and decently in this country for us and our families. It has been such an unpleasant experience. So, I hope this works.

Here are the apparent names, emails and phone numbers of the "supervisors", "HR and accounting departments".

Adam Biondi (manager): [email protected] / (732) 719-2231

Manuela Favre (HR): [email protected] / (732) 705-6475

Emma (?) (supervisor): (732) 719-2232

Piera Sauvage (incoming pacakges): [email protected] / (732) 719-2230

Valeria Nicastro (outgoing packages): [email protected] / (732) 719-2228

Accounting Department: [email protected]

Also, here’s a link to some of the comments I mention above from other people who went through the same.

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<span title="… />
Please let me know what else to do.

Thank you

Vanessa – Jul 08, 2020

Victim Location 77009

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via email about this job. They said I’d be getting paid $2200 monthly salary plus bonuses as a shipping specialist. I started receiving packages and was in constant contact with 3 supervisors, Valeria Nicastro, Piera Sauvage and Adam Biondi. Emma Williams was another VIP supervisor. I was contacted by their HR department to set up my direct deposit information. I was supposed to be getting paid July 9 and yesterday I was unable to log into the dashboard which started to worry me. I have all my emails, text, and receipts from them. I didn’t think this was a scam because of the fact I filled out a w4 and signed an employment agreement. I have tried calling every number that I was contacted from and no answer. I sent 12 packages for them. Some of which I had to travel to pick up and show an authorization letter they provided to my email. I had to open the package and inspect it for damage and then take a picture of the item and upload it to the dashboard. I would wait for them to send me a shipping label and then I would drop it off at whichever shipping company the label was for. I’m really worried now, not only because I need the money I have worked for, but I don’t want to be in trouble for anything if this is an illegal operation. As I’ve said I have pretty much every single email and text from this company and it’s employees that I have spoken to. I have also been contacted by another company just like this one.

This is another address of theirs:

525 ROUTE 73 NORTH STE 104 MARLTON, NJ 08053

Roger – Jul 07, 2020

Victim Location 78577

Type of a scam Employment

They said I’d be getting 2200 monthly salary as a shipping specialist. We signed a contract and I started receiving packages for them. They had 3 supervisors and a hr department and accounting department. I was supposed to have gotten paid July 3rd and haven’t heard from them and haven’t gotten my direct deposit. I have all my emails, text, and receipts from them. I feel like I was scammed. Im worried Because they had my fill out a w4 and give them my information and 2 references so they have my mom’s address also and phone number. I have tried emailing them and they don’t respond, I called them and no answer. One supervisor (piera) answered me yesterday Monday July 6 and she heard me out a bit then hung up on me and never answered again. I need to know what’s going on. I’m owed 2200 plus a 250 bonus they said I’d be getting plus a 75$ bonus for the first 5 packages. I sent 16 packages for them. I had to open the package, inspect it, then get the prepaid shipping label and drop it off at either fed ex or UPS or post office. I started June 2, 2020. They emailed me about the job.

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