Kara –

Victim Location 77014

Total money lost $399

Type of a scam Employment

Dave Cullen contacted me via Txt

Message regarding a job as Administrative Assistant, work from home. I was going to be paid $25 hr

during a two week training, after training $50 he, to work 30 to 35 hrs

a week. He interviewed me through

"Hangouts", said I had the job. Training was going to be 8-11:30 for

two weeks, after the first week he was going to have Equipment delivered to my house to start the next weeks training. He sent me a Task every morning to complete, asking questions & he would grade them. We did that for three days, then he was going to pay me for that week, because I was to be paid weekly. He sent me a check for

$3200, $399 for me for the three days and the rest to be paid to the Vendor for the supplies. Now during that time he requested my Driver’s License, for me to complete a W-4,

all my information name, address,

phone #, email address. He had the

check sent overnight via FEDEX, I was to deposit the check and send him a copy of the deposit slip. My

Bank placed a hold on the check, then they extended the hold. So eventually the check was returned

Unable to locate a account. I informed him that the check was returned, first he told me to deposit the check again, I said I don’t have the check, they send it back to the bank or Customer it was drawn on.

Then he said he would send me another check after the holidays. Now, he kept in contact with me and I never said anything differently to him, because my fear is he has all of my information, Driver’s License, Social Security #, address etc…

What if he just shows up at my home? So, Wednesday after the Holidays was the last time he contacted me on Hangouts. My loss here was a weeks pay and my time .

I was doing this job simultaneously

working another one from home and they both ended up as SCAMS.

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