Solfin Real Estate Company

Caroline –

Victim Location 36526

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I applied for a job through Indeed. Was accepted and interviewed within a few days off initial contact via email. Phone interview went great. I started real estate data invoicing a week or so afterwards. The pay was supposedly once a month. They stated there was an issue with my direct deposit with the bank. So a paper check was mailed via UPS. I went to deposit the check. The bank later called and said the check could not be verified. Shortly after funds were withdrawn from account without my knowledge until days later. I had no idea from where. It has happened repeatedly since. Different companies have reported a change if address in a state I’ve never been to for me. There has been a loan taken out in my name. My creditors have reported a change of address. My email, as numbers, personal information as well as cards have been comprised. This had been a nightmare and it’s hard to get information on what to do to stop it or get help to clear my name.

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